Tuesday, May 6, 2014

In Which I Post the Same Information Again, Only Better

Okay, so my very-well-organized friends over at First Second put together a more, shall we say, accurate compendium of book tour information, all in a single image (that you can feel free to repost!). I managed to get at least one date wrong in the last post, so if you're looking to catch up with me this month read the information from this post. It's 300% more correct!

And concurrently with my travels, there is a "blog tour" going on all this month wherein some of my favorite artist, writers and book bloggers post a thing or two about the Zita books. Click the banner below for more about that:

Great big thanks to the good people at Bedrock City Comics Company for bringing me to Houston for Free Comic Book Day! I signed a lot of books, drew a lot of pictures and met many young fans. The event was packed. There was plenty to see there besides me and my books, but I had a steady stream of people at my table right up to the minute I had to rush out for my flight, and that is always an encouraging thing to see.

Thanks also to Christina, Houston's heroic children's librarian, who brought me to this place:

Yes The Hobbit Cafe, where I had Gollum's Precious Fish Tacos. That's not what they were called on the menu, but it's what they are called in my heart. Forever. HssSSss....

Next up is TCAF, a show I've been hearing about for years and have been encouraged by many to attend (it's supposed to be especially great for families). If you want to find me in Toronto I will be signing at the First Second table at 3:00pm on Saturday, May 10th, and again at 3:00pm on Sunday, May 11th. I will also be giving a presentation / live reading with my friend Dave Roman at 12:30pm on Saturday, and giving a little presentation/workshop about gesture on Sunday at 2:00pm. I hope to see you there!