Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hither and Yon

I will be traveling quite a bit over the next several weeks. I’ll be speaking and signing books in Houston, Toronto, Gaithersburg, Portland (Maine), DC, Jersey City and New York, among other places, and it all adds up to be my first, real, honest-to-goodness book tour. Well, mini book tour.

Still: book tour. That sounds so fancy!

It’s exciting, and hectic, and most of it will be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to catching up with good friends at the Gaithersburg Book Festival, and TCAF and MeCAF, plus ...I secretly like sitting in airports.

On the other hand, most of this was planned in the bleak cold months and now it’s suddenly May and the world is green again, the garden is starting to come up and my canoe is calling to me. Also there’s a not-quite-halfawy-inked Robot book on my desk and a pack of girls who want me to finish painting their bedroom. Summer is coming.

Here is a partial list of upcoming events where you might be able to catch me and say hello (please do say hello):

-May 3rd: Free Comic Book Day signing at Bedrock City Comics Co. in Houston, TX

-May 10th and 11th: Toronto Comics Arts Festival. Not sure of my schedule for this one yet, but I think I’ll be doing a talk with my pal Dave Roman.

-May 17th: Gaithersburg Book Festival. Speaking and signing at 3:15pm in the Edgar Allan Poe pavilion.

-May 18th: Maine Comics Arts Festival: not sure of my schedule for this one either.

-May 21st: Takoma Park, MD. Signing at Takoma Park Library, 7:30pm.

-May 24th: WORD bookstore in Jersey City, 11am.

-and on June 4th I’ll be in New York, kicking off the New York Public Library summer reading program at their main branch.

I’ll continue positing information (and pictures!) here, and on twitter. And someday, if I’m very lucky, I’ll get back to making journal comics.

For now, though, I’ve got bags to pack.


Jennifer Hodges said...

Will you have copies of the new book with you at the Houston signing? My kids have well-worn their copies of the first two :)

Ben Hatke said...

I'll see what I can do! It will be tough though because I'm not bringing my own copies to sell, so it depends on the store (and the books still not really out till the 13th).

Ben Hatke said...
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Pam H. said...

There are four locations for Bedrock Comics! Which one?

Diandra Mae said...

Pam, according to their FB page, it's the one on Westheimer. 10a-2p

Pam H. said...

Thanks - I don't do FB, so wouldn't have found it! (Not on their webpage....)

Christina Dirkes said...

Will you ever be out on the West coast? Figures I'd move from book tour territory shortly after becoming a fan.

Anonymous said...

Have a nice Book Tour, Ben !
Looking forward to follow you through your sketches,

Guillaume from France

Kevin said...

Word Bookstores has the Jersey City even for the 25th, not the 24th.

Jennifer Hodges said...

Cool. We will be there tomorrow morning :)

Stage Lined said...

I wish I live near those places:(
Oh well, I still have book three to look forward to!!!!!! :D

anna said...

Ciao Ben! buone avventure!!!

Beth said...

It made my daughter's day to meet you and get her books signed. She showed her signed book to her 2nd grade class yesterday and is very thrilled to have a drawing just for her. She was packing it back into her backpack this morning again. I asked why, and she said "well, we were having a discussion in class about cliffhangers and I realized the end of LEGENDS OF ZITA is a cliffhanger. So I'm bringing it back to show everyone as an example." Awesome sauce. We can't wait to pick up our pre-ordered book next week. Pretty sure the whole family will be fighting over it.
A Texan family of Zita fans

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