Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Artist on the Run

Oh what busy times! I’ve been meaning to mention, here on this little blog, a couple events that are coming up. Events at which I will be appearing! Events at which I will be talking about writing and drawing!

The first thing on my “event horizon” is the Texas Library Association conference in Houston. I will be there on April 19th. At 8 am I will be participating in the Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List panel, along with authors Shannon Hale, Gareth Hinds and Orson Scott Card. ORSON SCOTT CARD!

Also, I just might be carrying around an actual print copy of Legends of Zita!

The other event is the International Reading Association convention in Chicago. I will be there on April 30th and at 11 am that day I’ll be participating with other authors in a talk called Visual Literacy Through Graphic Novels. Dave Roman will be there! And some signings and things in the afternoon.

Oh airplanes, I wish I weren’t so terrified of you.