Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Books in the Mail

I'm making it official! I am putting together a tile game called Memory Dragon. It’s a set of 3X3 inch tiles featuring some of the watercolor art that I sent out with the book orders. Each 42 card set will include two cards each of the original 15 dragons, 5 wizards and a princess. More information about this soon.

Speaking of those book orders, most of the packages have been sent. I’ve already heard back from a few of you that received your books and I’m glad to hear they arrived safely. So far I have only messed up one order, which is pretty good for a Ben Hatke. If you are still thinking of picking up a book, anything ordered this week will arrive in time for Christmas.

Finally are you looking for a tastier gift idea? Something less “two dimensional” than, say, comics? Well my friend Maggie has made a small business out of putting fruity (and sometimes savory) little taste explosions into jars. She calls it Jams by Mags. Tomato and Nectarine Chutney? Plum and Crabapple? Pinot Noir? Her jams are full of surprises. Visit her site! (it has beautiful photos).