Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Peek at the Desk

Dragon Mania continues at the Hatke house as we creep further into Winter.

Lately I’ve been taking little Zita to her weekly dance class. The dance class is in the same building that houses a little main street coffee shop so I’ve been using the dance class as an opportunity to get in a little quality sketchbook time. For the artist, sketching is like sleep. It’s one of those things that recharges you but is also tempting to skimp on. Of course, like sleep, if you skimp too much your work start to suffer for it.

And now, good news for everyone who ordered Waiting for Toast: The books have arrived, the watercolors are piling up and I’ll start sending out books on Friday!

I ordered extra books so if you still want a copy order this week or next and it’ll be there in plenty of time for Christmas.

Here's a link to the BOOKSHOP.