Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Memory Dragon

UPDATE: Sold Out! I didn't realize the seven copies would go so fast. I'm sorry I couldn't offer more of these.

The Memory Dragon game is here! The cards printed up very nicely on glossy cardstock and the colors look good. They are about the thickness of playing cards or sturdy business cards, which is a bit thinner than I would have liked. But at nearly 50 cards per set they make a hefty stack. Have a look:

Each Memory dragon game comes with 48 cards: 2 copies each of the 15 dragon cards, 5 wizard cards, the princess card and the three symbol cards, flame, star and heart. The cards come in a beautiful, wizardly hand-sewn bag made by Anna.

The set is good for all kinds of made up games, but it makes a very challenging game of traditional memory. The way we play is to make wizard matches worth double, since there are fewer of them. The princess, since there is only one princess match, is worth triple or more.

I have 7 sets for sale for $27 a piece. It’s a little pricey, I know, but printing such a limited run is expensive. I’m not sure what the cutoff line is for Christmas shipping, but I assume that any orders I get today or tomorrow will arrive in time. If you're interested in nabbing a copy of the game just follow the link below to my:


And a happy Festa Santa Lucia to you!