Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Coming of Winter

I'm hoping for a cozy winter but I miss the warm sun already!

Last Sunday was pretty balmy for November and so the girls and I drove into the city for a visit to the National Gallery. I have mixed feelings about art museums. Most of the works made to be viewed on their own. A museum setting is not the "natural habitat" for a painting or sculpture. In a museum each work is surrounded by hundreds of others and the effect can be a little overwhelming. Still, it's a pretty great resource for an artist to be able to sit in front of a master's work, learn from it, and then walk five feet and be in front of another masterpiece.

Here are a couple brief sketches I was able to do, during an interlude when Anna was out riding the Merry Go Round with the girls:
(from a Tintoretto painting)

(sketch of a woman waiting for the evening concert)

Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy of Waiting for Toast! I'm working on the extra art and will start sending the books soon. There are still plenty of copies available!

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Laura said...

I totally agree about museums... I miss the days when I could go and spend an hour looking at just one painting.... Sometimes being overwhelmed is good, although not pleasant, because you never know what will get squished out of our heads, despite ourselves.