Thursday, November 17, 2011

Waiting for Toast

UPDATE: The watercolor limit has been reached! Thanks you to everyone who has ordered so far. I decided to do a few extras so EVERYONE WHO ORDERED YESTERDAY, 11-17, WILL RECEIVE A WATERCOLOR.

Last year, at about this time, I gathered all my journal comics, some watercolors and some sketches and bundled it all up into a little volume called Tales from the Bohemian Highway (Hatke Family Adventures volume 1).

This year I’ve put together a second volume of comics and art which I’m calling “Waiting for Toast.” The name was suggested by my wife who said that much of this year felt like “waiting for toast.” Ironically, shortly after she suggested the title our old toaster up and died after years of hard service. Now we make toast in the oven.

Waiting for Toast is available for pre-order right now! Just click on the link below to get your copy at:


The book is 80 pages, 9X7 inches black and white and perfect bound -a matching companion to last year’s book. Here is a little look at the pages:

Every copy will be signed and includes a little original sketch drawn on the title page.

But that’s not all! The first 20 orders will include a small 3X3 inch watercolor picture drawn and painted on arches watercolor board and lovingly tucked into he pages of the book. To give you an idea, here are a few of last years watercolors:

Thanks for another great year of art and comics!
(Proceeds from sale of this book will be put toward a new toaster).