Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Ballad

Hey Bloggerinos! Here is another picture from Chesterton’s Ballad of the White Horse. This is from the very beginning of book three, The Harp of Alfred (click the image for slightly larger):

And here’s a detail:

Also this week I noticed that someone had found and blogged about some years-old images I did for a folk/fairy tale called Cap O’ Rushes. Oh the things that lurk on the internet... This little picture book project never quite got off the ground but it sure would have been fun...

Finally, here’s a link to a short interview I did for Kirkus. It was a phone interview, so I sound... hmm.

Happy Weekending!


Eric Orchard said...

Fantastic Ben! Gorgeous linework.

Gwen Adams said...

Sur La Lune! That is fun notice! Your brahmin interview is awesome by the way.

Anna said...

Hey Thanks Gwen!

It figures you would like this one, Eric. You are quite the linework master ...

Ben Hatke said...

Oh bother, that was me. Ben Hatke.

Eric Orchard said...

I was wondering why your voice sounded a bit high....

Internet Peasant said...

Scruffy McGee

I normally don't comment on your blog (although I read it every day), but this is really a great, great piece for me, for some reason. I can't figure out why.

But it's awesome.

Marcos Telias said...

Nice drawing, but what does the harp do?

Ben Hatke said...

Thanks Internet Peasant. That means a lot.

Well, Marcos, I'd like to say that the harp calls up a hoard of ax-wielding crow-men that fight your enemies for you. But according to the text it just scares the finches out of the trees. Unless Alfred has not yet unlocked one of the seven secrets of the Harp...

barbara said...

Wow. Just wow.

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