Saturday, July 31, 2010

The D&D Jailbird Blues Part Two: Cuffed!

Wow, I think this is the most blog traffic I have ever had! Everyone loves a scandal... So I'm posting the next episode a little early and I'll post the third installment on Monday.

So I was handcuffed.

I’m trying to keep pretty close to actual events in this little tale, but in this episode I’m leaning more toward comedy that was perhaps the case in life. In real life I was not at all comfortable about being handcuffed on Game Night. So the first panel, where I don’t want to turn around? ...that went on for a bit. And it was definitely the part where I was the most “resist-y.”

Also, to be fair, the officer may have just been fiddling with his belt. And the side he was reaching toward/fiddling with had a (super cool) stun gun and not the other kind of gun.


Chris Chan said...

Judging from where you've drawn the gun, I guess the officer who arrested you was left-handed.

Ben Hatke said...

No no, that's what I was trying to explain above. His actual gun was on the other side. On his lefthand side was the STUN GUN, or "taser" or whatever.

Also he might have been just reaching for his belt. This comic is not to be taken as any equivalent to security camera footage.

ism said...

So, if you were read your rights, I'm pretty sure this comic can be used against you.

"Your honor, exhibit A clearly shows the perp resisting arrest."

I'll send Anna a cake recipe that calls for a metal file and hand cuff key. Incidentally, that cake has a slight mocha flavor and is delicious with a coconut frosting.

Ben Hatke said...

Do you have a recipe with a hot air balloon in it? That's how I want to escape the Big House. Like Lex Luthor.

discomike2000 said...

So ... he wouldn't even tell you what he had a warrant for?

Ben Hatke said...

Well, I think it's a privacy issue maybe? He was pretty adamant that he wouldn't tell me until I was in the back of the car. And he totally wouldn't tell Anna even when she was yelling at him.