Monday, August 2, 2010

The D&D Jailbird Blues Part Three: Roll Opening Credits!

I really did have the thought that this was like an action movie setup, but I don’t think it was at this moment exactly, because I know I was still pretty nervous at this point. Also my Dungeons and Dragons friends were starting to spill out onto the porch to see what the fuss was about. I was definitely going to miss my turn.

Felony Fun Fact: Did you know that the United States has the highest prison population in the world? Thoughts?


Bowman the Black said...

And what's a good action movie without an angry Italian wife? Hollywood has yet to learn this . . .

As for the prison populations, it's not just because the United States over-criminalizes some things (as this is often balanced by de-criminalizing other things). A big part is that in India the criminals tend to run wild or run the place, and in China they just run the place. The Chinese are more organized that way.

The cop probably knew it was game night. Maybe he thought it meant your wife wouldn't be home? :)

I assume he was a state trooper, as you're outside the city limits. Which town did he take you to?

Mark Rohlena said...

So, are you blogging from the edge of some extreme drop-off in an old aqueduct right now, like Harrison Ford in "The Fugitive"? Tommy Lee Jones is totally behind you with his gun drawn as you respond to our comments, isn't he?

No use running, Ben, you should try to get Tommy on your side to figure out where the one-armed man is (or is it the six-fingered man? . . .no, that one starts completely different). He's pretty good at tracking, and you'll want him on your side to fire the shot that kills the main bad guy in the end.

crowjoy said...

First time visitor now riveted by the scandal! :)

Mike H said...

I just love the realism of your comic, Ben! Everyone knows that all criminals wear wife-beaters when they get arrested!

And then to have the angry Italian wife come out and yell at the cop?


But you need to add to the realism by giving her an authentic accent. Like this:

"Ooohh no!!! You CANNOT-a take-a my HOOSBAND like-a dis!"

Bowman the Black said...

I'm trying, and failing, to imagine Anna talking that way.

Come to think of it, I can't even imagine her bashing anyone over the head with a pan, which is what I imagine would come next after a line like that. No, Anna would just fold her arms and glare someone to death.

Well, it's a guess. I've never seen that happen. I'm sure Ben's scouted out a good covert place to dump the bodies, though. You know, just in case.

Ben Hatke said...

Hey Mark thanks for the comment! Imagine how it would go down if Tommy Lee Jones was like "PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR" and Harrison Ford wouldn't do it because he was updating his blog.

Hooray for CrowJoy! Hooray for new readers!

And for the record, Anna is pretty sweet, but once she reaches her breaking point watch out.

Ben Hatke said...

Oh, and Bowman, they took me to Front Royal. Which was cool because I'd always kinda wondered what the jail there was like.

Chris Chan said...

To Bowman the Black's comments, I would add a few points regarding the U.S.'s prison population:

1)The U.S. has the third largest population in the world.
2)These statistics only refer to total number of prisoners. A larger country tends have a larger prison population. You need to compare the number of prisoners to the total population to see if the percentage of incarcerated people is actually unusual.
3)China doesn't report all of the people it imprisons for horrific offenses such as desiring freedom of speech and religion.
4)Some countries have the death penalty for offenses we would consider misdemeanors, or simply acts of immorality that should not be punished by the state. Higher rates of execution mean lower rates of incarceration, but it does not mean a lower number of criminals. (That is, if you consider what some people are put to death for a "crime.")
5)The U.S. is pretty open about releasing statistics that might reflect badly upon it. Many other countries fudge the statistics.
6)Despite its many flaws, the U.S. has a pretty good, overwhelmingly honest police force and legal system that manage to solve a lot of crimes and convict the guilty. Many other countries do not have anything so reliable, or corruption is rampant, so convictions and incarcerations are therefore rarer.

On a different topic, I love these comics! Could we get a whole graphic novel out of this story?

Anonymous said...

Eagerly awaiting the next installment of the scandal comic! And did the officer really have such an impressive brow ridge?

Elizabeth Butina

Ben Hatke said...

Hey Elizabeth! I think I'm caricaturing the guy a bit. He was definitely bigger and beefier than me but, you know, that's not saying a lot.

Hey Chris: I'm actually planning on collecting these into a little book. I put together a little book of comics to take to the American Chesterton Society Conference this week so I'll probably do another printing when this "saga" is complete for a double-sized book which will probably be available here online.

Here's an article that says that a recent study found that 1 in 100 adult americans is in prison:

Even if the worlds Big Communist Country is covering up it's numbers it still seems awfully high.

Just sayin.'

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