Friday, July 30, 2010

The D&D Jailbird Blues Part One: The Arrest

On Wednesday evening, out of the clear blue sky, a police officer arrived at my home and arrested me for a crime I did not commit. A felony, no less, which involves a warrant and handcuffs and (apparently) no reading of rights and a “fun” ride in a police car and some time sitting in a jail cell waiting to be processed. Also, for a felony, according to the officer, they can just walk right into your home and drag you out. Oh, and this all happened on Dungeons and Dragons night. So my kitchen was full of guys who like roleplaying games.

It was one of the most bizarre and surreal experiences of ...well, of the month, at least. So the most obvious response is for me to make a series of comics about this misadventure. Here is part one:

Visit again on Monday for the next exciting installment!

Felony Fun Fact: In Virginia theft is a felony at $200. Does that seem low to anyone else? I mean for a crime that puts you in the same bracket as guys who burn down orphanages?