Monday, June 28, 2010


It’s perhaps unwise or unlucky to post an unfinished picture, like the one above, when the hardest part (water coloring) still lies ahead. But this is an exercise in self motivation. I want to finish this picture but, in these busy days, there’s always the likelihood that a piece will be put aside for too long and that it will spoil.

Yesterday I found myself sitting on the porch and talking with my daughter, Angelica, while she chomped her way through a bowl of berries. Around us all the world was lush and green and just behind Angelica was our garden, where the sunflowers had just that day decided to open their faces to the world.

It was a beautiful moment that seemed to sum up some of the best things about summer.

UPDATE: Here's a VIDEO LINK for the Star Wars Fans out there. (Discovered via Calista).