Thursday, July 1, 2010

Motivation Part 2: Progress

Here's where we are with the picture of Angelica:

I'm not a terribly confident watercolorist and so far I've brought this picture to a point where I like it, but part of me feels that I should push it further. The other part of me remembers that with Watercolor there is no going back, no rubbing out or painting over mistakes. With watercolor, when you make an area dark or saturate it with color that's IT. Art, like life, is often about balancing courage and prudence. Which path will I choose?

Angalica's own life drawing and also something I have no desire to do ever after the jump!

Still with me? Great. Angelica has been doing a bit of her own drawing from life lately. Anyone who knows this seven-year-old is not going to be surprised that the subject she chooses most is her chickens. I found this one on the refridgerator yesterday:

I don't scan many of the kids drawings, but this one was a keeper.

Finally, while we're on the subject of drawing and painting from life, here's a little something that is admittedly interesting but in the end turns me off. The link is to a YouTube video of artist David Jon Kassan painting a portrait from life on an ipad. It’s like making a traditional portrait painting but without the lovely smell of oil paints or the feel of brushes or any kind of texture. But the real problem to my mind is that when you're done you've spent a good several hours and YOU DON'T HAVE A PAINTING. You have a file. For your ipad.

But it is kinda neat.
(link via LINES AND COLORS).