Thursday, January 7, 2010

Piena di Progetti -or- Projects Aplenty

That’s what I’ve got these days!

Back in October I helped some friends tear down an old barn. The barn was in an abandoned apple orchard which was strangely beautiful, with it’s hulking, rusted-out cider press and piles of old crates. Places like that I always file away, meaning to come back with a sketchbook or camera. Well, for help in pulling apart the barn I got a share of the wood, which cleans up beautifully. Now I’m far from a master woodworker, but this stuff was pretty forgiving so I started chipping away on this window bench. Not quite finished, but it’s coming along:

I’m also starting work on the second Zita the Spacegirl book, which is starting to take shape. I’m sure Ill have a lot of comics-related posts here in 2010. In the meantime here is a chameleon that I drew yesterday. He... he looks at me.

In a creepy way.

Oh and finally, I added a link to Kevin McEvoy’s blog. He’s a nice young artist that I met in Florence a few years back. He’s doing some fine work.


PianolaGirl said...

I've always wanted a window seat. Just looking at a picture of one sends me dreaming.

Tim said...

I used to like lizards of all kinds but now they kind of freak me out because deep down I think I'm expecting them to jump up and try to sell me car insurance.

And yeah, that is a sweet window seat. I think a window seat would be the only thing that would convince my wife to move from where we live now. That and a fully appointed professional kitchen.

anna said...

ciao Ben!
the window open corner is beautifull!
caldo e favoloso

buon lavoro per zita spacegirl