Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy New Year, readers! I see by my sidebar that I have 20 followers. This is a little surprising and a little more surprising because there are many of you I’ve never met. Thanks for looking at my little postings. I’ll try to make this all worth your time.

I have had to enact comment moderation because of spam, but don’t let that stop you genuine human beans from posting! If the Spamoids stop trying I’ll go back to the free for all.

Here is the last bit of work I did in 2009. It’s a snippet from an unfinished still life featuring a pair of pomegranates:

Sadly, this painting was, ultimately, a failure. After an hour or so I realized that there was no saving this little piece and I scrubbed it all out. But the pomegranates have not defeated me yet! I’ll try again in this sparkling new year.

And speaking of that, It seems that the internet has decided that 2010 is the official start of “the future.” Here’s a post by Tony Cliff about that. And a Beartato comic. Expect good things from 2010. I do.