Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Workspace II: the Studio

Things I thought I'd Never Do: Paint a still life. But, thanks to visiting artist, Henry Wingate, now I have:

The figs were plucked from the tree near the house. The basket wraps around a wine bottle and was probably made by Anna's grandfather (we found it in an old cantina).

Most of the paintings I've worked on lately have been small pieces painted on wood panels. I had never considered painting on panel until some friends left me a small stack of them after a visit. It's a different feel from canvas, a little slicker and without the give of mounted fabric, and I almost like it better. It's certainly nice for small pieces.

I've read that originally oil paintings were all made on panel but that, in Venice, where there is a lot of moisture in the air, the panels started to warp. Stretched canvas was the solution to the warping and later became the norm.

Edit: I managed to get a better picture of the figs, so I've replaced one of the pictures in this post. And I removed the picture of my messy worktable. Gotta keep up appearances.


Nick-dog said...

Only a month and a half and you are back in Front Royal.

Right? Right?!

You better be. Or I will hunt you down and bring you there myself.


Ry Guy said...

Hey! I can't wait for Ben to get back! It'll be just like old times: hangin' out with Ben, gettin' plowed on MEGAritas and gettin' pumped up on Cryogen!

I got lots of space in my new house if you need a temporary residence!

WondrousPilgrim said...

LOVE the open fig. beautiful.

Rosemary said...

I love a good still life! I'm sort of obsessed with them and am always surprised that many people don't seem to be. . . This one is just perfect. I've never really thought about why I am so drawn to them. . . The sacramentality of everyday life? They always remind me of the beauty of creation more quickly than the landscape does, partly because they include the human realm always and they remind the beholder: God made these things and then this human God made also found them persuasive and observed them and arranged them. The artifice is part of the appeal in that way. I'm a lurker, btw. Had to come out for the still life, though. Keep it up!