Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've been working in two places lately, "the office" or "study" and "the studio room." The office is where I've been doing most of my drawing, writing, scanning and e-mailing (and blog updating). The studio is where I've been working on messier projects that involve clay or paint. It's a large, wonderful, unfinished room across from the house with nice big windows and a good view of the church bell tower.

Here is a picture a few of my recent projects hangin' out in the studio room:

As you can see, the little madonna and child I've been working on is coming along. The Madonna's left eye is really hard to get to and, subsequently, it hard to make it look quite right. Yesterday, by accident, while trying to maneuver that little space, I knocked the Christ Child's head clean off the statue. How are you supposed to react to something like that? Even after I had repaired it I kept thinking "what have I done?"