Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One of the projects I'm working on right now is an illustrated alphabet for Seton Home Study School. Anna was particularly happy with the illustration for "D" which I drew from a picture of Angelica sweeping.

And speaking of Anna, we celebrated her birthday over the weekend (26!) -thanks to everyone who stopped by for the bonfire! I know I had fun.

UPDATE,: Ry, brings up a good point. What does the D stand for anyway? Drudgery? Dustbin? Delicatessen? Feel free to post suggestions and alphabet verses in the combox!


Anonymous said...

It was a great time, even when the trees caught on fire and the HOA and fire department came to find out why you were shooting Roman candles at the neighbors animals, to which I replied that they had it backwards and the neighbors animals had the Roman Candles and were shooting them off at us and setting the forest on fire with a blow torch.

At least, I made bail.


Ry said...

D is for "Drudgery." Nice.

Did Mary Kay come up with these alphabet words?

Ry said...

Actually, these alphabet books need little poems to explain the word for each letter...

D is for Drudgery, a little girl's best friend.

Ceasless toil and miserable labor, never to end.

annemcd said...

no, seriously, what does the "D" stand for? Dirty laundry? Desperately trying to keep up with the crumbs the kids leave on the floor? Disinfecting toilets as we speak? Don't know what happened to my Dyson, so now I'm stuck with this Dumb broom? :) (these are very sweet-- I do like them!)

Ben Hatke said...

Ah, Anne, you reminded me: there are a few more of these alphabet pictures posted over at SmallPax.

...and what on earth is a Dyson?

Gregaria said...

I was thinking "dirty." Or "dusting" except that she isn't really dusting...

annemcd said...

a dyson is an overpriced european vaccum that sucks so well it doesn't suck. Ha!

anna said...

Che bello, Ben!
it's poetic and quiet.
Mi piacciono anche le altre lettere su Small pax!

Ben Hatke said...


Anne, so you're saying that, in the end, the Dyson really does suck? I'm living for the day when we can just get rid of the vaccum entirely (we have one last room with carpet).

D is for Disaster
after which you must sweep
the well-dispursed rubble
so mother won't weep.


Ben Hatke said...

Ah! Spelling errors!

Anonymous said...

D is for "dynamite," which is going under the rug!


annemcd said...

I've got it! D is for "Dang it, I forgot to take Dinner out of the Deep freeze last night!"

Anonymous said...

I thought the "D" might stand for "Duty." Or perhaps,

D is for Dreaming,
(While sweeping I mean)
Of being Hermione Granger
This Halloween!

Either way, nice drawing. (Hermione Granger, for any who are not aware is one of Harry Potter's best friends, and therefore a witch who rides a broom occasionally).

Elizabeth Butina

Anna said...

Hooray for Elizabeth! D is, in fact, for Duty (in the book).

But I like your suggestion too. Although, isn't Hermione kind of not very good at broom flying? She doesn't seem to do it much in the books.

Ben Hatke said...

Rats. That last one was me. I left Anna signed in.

Anonymous said...

True--Hermione is not known for her broomstick flying (if I remember correctly, she is at least a capable flyer, but does not enjoy it). I should have said Ginny Weasley instead. Hermione was the first witch that came to mind!

Speaking of duty, I think the dirty dishes are calling me... Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a great sadness. The Harry Potter books are over. I can't wait to read them again, but that will mean I will fall off the face of the earth for 1.5 months.


Anonymous said...

A great sadness indeed! I always feel a bit forlorn when I finish a great book or series of books. I had a grand scheme to read them all again before Deathly Hallows came out, and then I amended that to a scheme to read just #6 before Deathly Hallows came out, and then I had a baby, and well, my schemes went out the window. But someday my kids will be older and I'll actually get to read again! And what a glorious day that will be!

Ben, do you ever draw characters from books you like, even if they have been illustrated by someone else? I'd love you see you draw some hobbits, or the Weasleys--and I bet you'd draw an awesome Aslan! Just curious.


ben hatke said...

Too many comments!!! I need to post a new entry!

Elizabeth and Nick: keep an eye out here: the next blog post is especially for Potter fans.

Anonymous said...

Eye is a keepin.


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