Monday, October 22, 2007

October Surprise

Well, it's been almost a week between updates. No, I didn't "disapparate"! I had a sudden opportunity to take Angelica on a weekend long bikeride. Two days of camping and two days of riding. Angelica and I rode on my friend Mike's extratandem bike (Mike takes his two girls on a triple bike). Angelica pedaled all day like a trooper and in two days we covered nearly 50 miles. It was great. Hopefully i'll have pictures of the adventure soon.

In the meantime, for those of you who brought up Harry Potter in the last post (you know who you are), here's a drawing I did of ol' Harry himself. Just in time for Halloween! How does he compare with how you imagine the character? I imagine he's round about his third or fourth year here.

Update: Anna found this picture of Plano Texas. Wow. Plano.


Eric Orchard said...

This is great! Closer to my idea than the American or British versions. I love the glasses you gave him, I wouldn't have thought of giving him something other than generic glasses.

Jake Parker said...

I dig it too. Love the retro glasses. Nice touch.

And that's a sweet picture of Plano. I use to live around there. Water towers are the tallest thing in the dallas suburb area, so I would have to use them to get my bearings straight.

Ben Hatke said...

Hey thanks, Jake! I had forgotten that you used to live in TX. We passed a VA watertower this weekend that had apples painted on in and the little girls decided that it was an applejuice tower.

There's a town to live in -where applejuice comes out of the taps!

I'm glad you guys like the glasses. They are actually similar to the glasses I used to wear.

Anonymous said...

I love your Harry! The hair looks like he's tried half-heartedly to flatten it down. I also love the glasses. Can you imagine going shopping for glasses with the Dursleys? Ugh!

Great drawing!


Anonymous said...

Ben, awesome take on Harry Potter. Unbelievebaly capital, if do say so myself. I especially like the hair and the spindliness.


WondrousPilgrim said...

um. im moving to plano. (gah!)

Ria said...

I love it!

regina doman said...

This Harry Potter can't be for the Seton Illustrated Alphabet, or I'll eat my hat! Is it? (If it is, I'll have to find my hat...)

Annie said...

ohh wonderful!

Ben Hatke said...

Ha ha, no Regina. it's just 'cause I wanted to draw Happy Potter, but since I've been putting those little letters on everything, I just went ahead and added it to this too!

And thanks, Annie!

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