Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hidden Away

The No-Longer-So-Little Hatke Family has arrived in the magical village of Gravagna Montale, where we will be hiding away for the summer. And I am just now fully back online after a brief (and cleansing) hiatus.

It's good to be hidden up in the mountains for a little while. For the next few months I will be drawing comics pages like they are gong out of style (which I hope they never do) and the girls will be hunting lizards, eating gelato and jumping in mountain streams.

As promised here is a first batch of pictures, these from our journey from Virginia to New York and from New York to Gravagna. For more I suggest following Anna Bertolini's Instagram feed.

And finally, in book-news, here's a link to a short video from Book Con, where I answer some questions about my next-to-be-available graphic novel Little Robot:

And here is another video where I am playing host in a conversation with Jeff Smith, Raina Telgemeier and Jenni Holm:

More to come!