Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Changes

As I write this the Little Hatke House is full of the chaos and bustle of bags being packed and last minute arrangements being made. We are returning to Italy. We are, my heart tells me, returning home, to our little village of Gravagna Montale, after three long years away. 

We are leaving tomorrow.

We'll be staying in Gravagna for June, July and August and if you're interested in keeping an eye on us, I'm planning (well, hoping) to post a photo a day on Twitter and Facebook. I'll collect the pictures into weekly batches here on the blog. 

And while the girls are exploring mountain paths and hunting lizards in the rocks I will be drawing, drawing, drawing the pages of my next graphic novel, Mighty Jack. This book has put me up against one of the most challenging deadlines I've ever faced, but I'll be working in the same place where I drew most of the 3rd Zita book, so I'm hopeful...

And so we're off down the road again! I hope you'll follow along.