Thursday, March 19, 2015

Children's Choice

Just popping in with a few links that will hopefully be of interest.

First, The Return of Zita the Spacegirl is a finalist in the Children's Choice Book Awards.

Zita is one of of the five finalists for book of the year in the 5th and 6th grade category. Anyone can vote online for these awards, just follow this link and pick the book you like best in the category (it doesn't have to be mine).

Second on my list of things to share is this: at the end of May I will be heading to New York for Book Expo America. I will be doing all sorts of things at BEA but the coolest thing I will be doing is joining an unbelievable group of comics creators for a panel discussion called "Comics are Awesome." That's a very broad title, isn't it? Maybe I will take the role of devil's advocate and insist that comics are not awesome. Not awesome at all.

I'll be sharing the stage with Jeff Smith! And Jenni Holm! And RAINA! Raina is not only one of the very best creators out there, but she's given me granola bars in cities all over the country. I forget to eat at conventions sometimes. I wonder if that will come up at the panel.

Click here for a bit more about the event.

Finally, here is a lovely short piece about reading graphic novels aloud with children (a thing that can be challenging), by a mother who particularly enjoyed reading Zita with her daughter.

And so ...Spring is here! This is what I'm looking forward to: