Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Home From Comic Con

(this view of the New York Comic Con main show floor pulled from the First Second tumblr).

So Comic Con was a whirlwind, as usual. But it was a very encouraging and productive whirlwind this year.

I got to meet up and share a meal in Pennsylvania with Matt Phelan, go on a road trip through Massachusetts with my pal Zack Giallongo, catch up with Cory Doctorow at the First Second table (and thanks to him I ended up buying a Very Dramatic Coat), and have my day saved (or at least one of my events saved) by the amazing Jerzy Drozd. And those were just a few of my weekend adventures.

And of course all this has put me a little behind in my Inktober drawing. But I have one wizard for you. And there are more to come:

This wizard has been practicing magic for so long that he had to grow a homunculus to push him around in a wheelbarrow. Was it worth it?