Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Few More Wizards

Well, here we are. Inktober is winding to a close and I think I'm squeaking in with about 15 drawings. I may be able to do a couple more but I have a huge backlog of pictures of kids in Zita costumes to post, now that Halloween is immanent.

For now here are a few drawings:

The Dripping Barrel is the most terrifying thing in this world of wizards. It floats silently about 3 feet off the ground, dripping a poison black ichor as it drifts across the countryside. Most of the time it seems aimless, but occasionally whole villages have perished,practically dissolved, in the Barrel's path. Is is a spell gone terribly wrong? Or is it the still sentient liquid remains of a powerful magic user? Few are brave enough to attempt to find out...

And of course on the other end of the fear spectrum we have Arborus the Branchy, a gentle wizard with a tree grwoing out of his head. Young lovers keep carving their initials into his branches when he sleeps too close to a farm.

And finally, this guy. He's not a wizard at all. Just a tacky performer who often does a little song and dance for the nobility about the dangers of magic. It's a living.