Thursday, July 31, 2014

Little Robot Flies Away

Little Robot, the book I started working on last year, is off to the publisher. There are still odds and ends to take care of, but the bulk of production is done and I'm getting that "book-has-flown-off-my-desk-and-into-the-wide-world" feeling. If this had been a construction project I would be clapping the dust off my hands and pouring myself a cold one. (as it is, I'm preparing to head into a construction project, but that's a different story).

It's a weird, gentle little book and I think I'm happy with it.

And so... my best guess is that Little Robot will be a Fall 2015 release. So now begins the great wait between the time a book is turned in and the moment it starts to land in the hands of the readers. (Why so long? Here's a little article about the publishing timeline).

Oh, and big shout of thanks goes out to Louis Decrevel, my friend on the far side of the world, for sailing in at the 11th hour and helping me with some coloring! Louis does some great work, and you can see it right here.

So to help us pass the time, here are a few interesting pictures:

I did not make it out for San Diego Comic Con this year, but I know there were at least two Zita the Spacegirl cosplayers in attendance.

This Zita means business!

And this awesome family had a Robot One floating around with them. This made me want to break out the ol' paper mache myself.

And finally, to bring things back to Little Robot, there's this picture that was sent to me recently: