Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Return of Memory Dragon

Memory Dragon is back! I’m reprinting the game this year at an excellent independent local print shop and selling it here for a limited time for the approaching Christmas Season.

Each Memory dragon game comes with 48 cards: 2 copies each of the 15 dragon cards, 5 wizard cards, the princess card and the three symbol cards, flame, star and heart. The cards come in a beautiful, wizardly hand-sewn bag made by Anna. Note: Bags this year will be different than those shown above.

The set is good for all kinds of made up games, but it definitely makes a fun and challenging version of the traditional memory matching game. The way we play is to make wizard matches worth double, since there are fewer of them. The princess, since there is only one princess match, is worth triple or more.

Memory Dragon Card sets are $25 plus shipping. Orders will be closed by Friday the 13th.



ClareH said...

HI! This is awesome, and I was just wondering if you were going to do the art commissions again for Christmas presents? I'de be a happy customer... :)

Ben Hatke said...

Hi Clare, I had meant to make a mention of this on the blog but forgot. Unfortunately with life and work I'm not going to have time to open up for commissions this month. Sorry!

Factoid Firefly said...

Delightful illustrations! Are they colored with watercolor or marker?

Ben Hatke said...

They were all done in ink and watercolor.

Ben Hatke said...

And thanks!