Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Well, the news is official: Zita the Spacegirl (or more precisely, Zita la fille de l’espace, the French edition published by Rue de Sevères) is one of the official selections for this year’s Angoulême festival! And I will be going to France to attend!

Angoulême is one of the largest comics festivals in the world and attending the event has been on my dream-list for some time now. France has quite possibly the strongest comics-as-literature culture in the world and some of my very favorite artist/writers (or at least their publishers) will be at the festival. I can’t wait.

Here's the list in The Comics Reporter, and here's another article about the selections (and Hawkeye).


One other bit of comics-related news: I was recently the guest on Mathew Winner’s Busy Librarian Podcast. Here is a link to the episode where you can listen to me talk about the graphic novel-making process, picture books and maybe hear a little bit about the project I’m currently working on. Matthew has interviewed several of my creator-friends including Zack Giallongo, Dave Roman, Colleen AF Venable and Matt Phelan. It’s all here: