Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Great Zita the Spacegirl Costume Parade: 2013! (part 2)

Aaannnnd welcome back for part 2 of this year's showcase of the finest in space-adventuring apparel!

Kicking things off we have Clare! Here she is, sword drawn and ready to storm a space frigate (she looks like she could do it, too...). I thought using a loose scarf for the top bar of the ‘Z’ was a great idea.

Here’s another look at how her outfit came together:

And here’s the adorable Paige, ready for a Halloween night on the town, and ready to protect her little brother. (I’m not sure what he’s supposed to be, but it's AWESOME):

This is Alice, showcasing another Zita-and-little-brother-combo. (and I do know who he’s supposed to be!)

This is not a Zita-and-little-brother-combo. This is a picture of Zita the Spacegirl and an actual, real ghost:

Here’s a Zita who knows exactly what capes are for:

Not only does Chiara make a good Zita, she’s also a friend of my niece:

Here’s Adrian as Zita. Spacegirl, Spaceboy, he doesn’t care!

Here’s Sabrina in a Zita costume she worked on herself. I love the All Star Superman style cut of the cape! (and is that an N.C. Wyeth print in the background?)

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this picture of Michelle and her dad, Charley. We’ve seen plenty of Zita costumes but this is the first STRONG STRONG costume! Man, now I want nothing more than a brown hoodie with a yellow star… You guys are awesome:

And remember Natalie the Spacegirl? She decided to don the green cape once again this Halloween:

Rounding us out this Halloween is our very own local children’s librarian, Rose Turner! Rose, next time I’m in the library I am going to high five you like a MANIAC. A very quiet, well-behaved maniac, but still…

And with that The Great Zita the Spacegirl Costume Parade 2013 comes to a close. Unless… do we have room for one more? Here is my best friend, Anna Bertolini, sporting the very first Zita the Spacegirl costume of all. Circa 2000: