Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Great Zita the Spacegirl Costume Parade: 2013! (part 2)

Aaannnnd welcome back for part 2 of this year's showcase of the finest in space-adventuring apparel!

Kicking things off we have Clare! Here she is, sword drawn and ready to storm a space frigate (she looks like she could do it, too...). I thought using a loose scarf for the top bar of the ‘Z’ was a great idea.

Here’s another look at how her outfit came together:

And here’s the adorable Paige, ready for a Halloween night on the town, and ready to protect her little brother. (I’m not sure what he’s supposed to be, but it's AWESOME):

This is Alice, showcasing another Zita-and-little-brother-combo. (and I do know who he’s supposed to be!)

This is not a Zita-and-little-brother-combo. This is a picture of Zita the Spacegirl and an actual, real ghost:

Here’s a Zita who knows exactly what capes are for:

Not only does Chiara make a good Zita, she’s also a friend of my niece:

Here’s Adrian as Zita. Spacegirl, Spaceboy, he doesn’t care!

Here’s Sabrina in a Zita costume she worked on herself. I love the All Star Superman style cut of the cape! (and is that an N.C. Wyeth print in the background?)

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this picture of Michelle and her dad, Charley. We’ve seen plenty of Zita costumes but this is the first STRONG STRONG costume! Man, now I want nothing more than a brown hoodie with a yellow star… You guys are awesome:

And remember Natalie the Spacegirl? She decided to don the green cape once again this Halloween:

Rounding us out this Halloween is our very own local children’s librarian, Rose Turner! Rose, next time I’m in the library I am going to high five you like a MANIAC. A very quiet, well-behaved maniac, but still…

And with that The Great Zita the Spacegirl Costume Parade 2013 comes to a close. Unless… do we have room for one more? Here is my best friend, Anna Bertolini (Hatke) sporting the very first Zita the Spacegirl costume of all. Circa 2000:


Saint Tweet said...


Anna Hatke said...

Hooray for great costumes and hooray for that ghost!

EmmaDG said...

Hurrah! My Zita was the one who knew what a cape is for. Your books have brought so much joy and adventure into her world. Thank you!

j'aime said...

Make Strong Strong hoodies!

Mrs. H. said...

Anna Bertolini Hatke....the very first Zita and the start of it all!!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

It must be awesome seeing all the kids having so much fun with your story!

And I must say, you've given me frank advice in the past regarding my painting subjects. Your wife is already a super mom with advanced powers - she should be immortalized more often in your paintings.