Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Buyin’ Sellin’ and Makin’

Hello. I am selling this cool leather jerkin on ebay (click the link or image to go to the ebay listing):

It’s an excellent medieval/fantasy/renfair type piece from Ravenswood Leather, and is in pretty great condition. This is the little “reward” I got for myself years ago when I signed up for the first Zita the Spacegirl book. Unfortunately it just never fit well. It’s a large and I’m a medium, so it’s always been a little too roomy in the chest. It’s a unique pice though, because I had them add a hood to one of their existing non-hooded designs.

The other reason I’m selling this off is that I need to replace some of my juggling/fire show equipment. You know how it is. A new torch here, a gallon of fuel there. Wire rim spectacles and a powdered wig for an upcoming show... It all adds up.

In the meantime I’ve been working on the cover for Zita 3. It’s a pretty dynamic image so far and I’m hoping to post a little preview of that in the next week or so. Here are some Zita-and-Little-Robot-related commissions to tide us over:

Happy Wednesday.