Friday, March 22, 2013

The Legend of Zelda

Hey everybody!

I wrote a little blog entry for Dave Roman's Astronaut Academy blog, Love Letters and Heart Containers. It's just a little bit about why I like the game. I hardly ever play video games, and I'm terrible at games that require speed and reflexes, but I sure do love me some original L of Z.

A couple more things. First, I'm doing something I haven't really done before: I'm opening up for commissions. What I'm offering is ink-and-watercolor commissions, approximately 6X9 inches, featuring my interpretation of the character of your choice (eg. Aquaman, Alice, Sherlock Holmes, The Doctor, Conan the Barbarian) Similar to the picture of Link, above, or my Justice League pictures. The cost is $75 for one character, $120 for two characters The cost is $45 for 1 or 2 characters of your choice! (fictional characters only please). I'm also open to more specific requests (eg. the crew of Serenity) but you'll have to email me with those.

Most of the pictures will probably appear here on the blog!

So if if this is something you're interested you can click here for ordering information.

The second thing is that I found out that Zita the Spacegirl has landed on two more state award lists! The Children's Literature Association of Utah's Beehive Award, And the Maryland's Black Eyed Susan award. So thanks, Maryland and Utah!