Monday, April 1, 2013

Robot Comic #25

He’s back!

And a happy Easter to all.

Last week I finished and sent in all the art for Julia’s House, my picture book. This was the first time I’ve sent an entire book’s worth of original art through the mail, and I found myself unexpectedly anxious about leaving the package in the hands of the nice UPS lady.

The Zita books were sent in digitally, you see, so I always had backup files on my computer. The art for Julia’s House was a series of watercolor illustrations that were too big for my scanner to handle.

I was so anxious the pictures that when I got home from the UPS office I called and had them hold the package while I considered getting bus tickets and delivering the art myself. Fun as it could have been, I couldn’t make an out-of-town trip this week.

So off they go.

Now I’m cleaning up my little studio/office while I’m between big projects, and I’ve started putting a bunch of original art up for sale in my House Hatke Etsy Shop. There’s plenty to look at over there, including today’s Robot Comic, and a few other Robot Comics that had never made it over to the shop.

I also have a few signed-and-drawn-in copies of Zita the Spacegirl and Legends of Zita which you can find here, AND I’ve significantly lowered the price for character commissions -just for this week. Take a look.

And for those of you who love sketchbook pages, here’s how today’s comic looked in my moleskine:

As tradition dictates: GO GO ROBOT NEWSPAPER FORMAT!