Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Local Cinema

Hey friends! With Christmas creeping toward us I’ve been hard at work on different projects and haven’t been able to post new comics or art. But I’ve not been entirely chained to my drawing board. Oh no. This past weekend I had the opportunity to help my friends at Mirandum Pictures with one of a series of short “PSA’s.” These little shorts play before the previews at our local movie theater, Royal Cinemas. They’re all hilarious and they all illustrate that the theater experience is sometimes an integral part of the movie watching experience. Each one parodies a different genera. They’ve done a romantic comedy PSA, a horror PSA, a silent film PSA, and now a Christmas one. I got to play the Ghost of Christmas Present opposite my friend Bill’s hilarious turn as Scrooge! This will be playing at Royal Cinemas before The Hobbit. Hooray! Here are a couple screenshots:

You know, there used to be live, local entertainment before films. Maybe this is one of those little ways that we all get to come full circle.

And now, a little more from around the web:

Podcaster Jersy Drodz and my awesome friend Dave Roman (creator of Astronaut Academy) have put together an entire podcast devoted to Zita the Spacegirl. The episode came out in September and I can’t believe I haven’t linked to it yet. YOU CAN LISTEN HERE.

Here’s a website to get lost in: TV Tropes. It’s a Wiki catalogue of “the tricks of the trade for writing fiction.” One interesting trope leads to another and pretty soon there goes your afternoon. Your welcome! They even have an entry for the Zita books.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who bought the Hatke Family Adventure books! I will have them mailed out this week!