Monday, November 26, 2012

Books for Cyber Monday and a True Dad Story

As many of you know, I try to make a yearly collection of the Journal Comics, art and miscellany that I post here through the year. I’m still working on putting together this year’s collection and hopefully I’ll have it up soon.

In the meantime, for those who are new to this blog (or long time readers who might want an extra copy), I’m taking orders for both the previous comics collections. I’ll be taking orders for the next two weeks. You can order the collections by clicking the images below:

You can also order a copy of last year’s Memory Dragon game by clicking on the image below:

BUT PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THESE SETS DO NOT COME WITH A HAND-SEWN BAG. I’m still trying to figure out how they will be packaged.

Also, my friend, Bill, has been working on a book about memorizing the Christmas Story. It’s available here. Bill is great at explaining things and if you’ve ever though of learning these accounts by heart, this is the place to start.

Oh, and a True Dad Story...


Dr. Thursday said...

Is that a REAL book there?

If not, are you (or is SOMEONE) working on that title?

Incidentally, there is a very secret rumour in certain Chestertonian circles that the REAL Time Traveller was NOT H.G.Wells, but G. K. Chesterton... we actually have evidence to support this claim, including letters written by GKC dated in the millennia BEFORE Christ!

But I can't talk about any of that just now, not until the last few books of my Saga are finished. (See here for details.)

Anyway, if no one IS working on that title, I may try cobbling something together... it's intriguing. And if someone IS, do let me know, so I can read it too!

Also! That IS probably one of the most fearsome noises one can hear... a black marker being cocked for action! Terrifying.

Ben Hatke said...

Aw, Sorry Dr. T, but it IS a real book:'s_Wife

And it's interesting so far, though it would be an interesting experiment to give an intriguing title like that to a dozen different writers to see what they come up with..

Ben Hatke said...

And yeah, somebody drew all over the upstairs when i was not looking.

andrew said...

That's a great book!! I'm afraid it's one of those where nothing else gets accomplished because you MUST. KEEP. READING!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Scribbler said...

This is a super blog!
I know that I'm going to have fun going through the archives =)

Best wishes from Bombay, India

Ben Hatke said...

Yay! Thanks for finding me!

haus frau said...

That True Dad story is our life with our two year old. We are repainting parts of nearly every room in our house this Advent.

Leem said...

Have kids in haste, repaint at leisure.

Carmela Brenzie said...

Yes, Quiet is often the most scary sound. When it comes for your kids.

Ben Hatke said...

Ha ha, yes indeed.

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