Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Travels and Thanks

I want to thank everyone who bought a copy (or two!) of Legends of Zita. Not only did it I manage to meet my Scanner-fund goal, but when I went back to the store I found that the Epson scanner had, since just the day before, been marked down by $50! I am now signing and making drawings in all these books and hope to have them sent out sometime in the next few days.

Another thing I've been meaning to mention here is that I have some travels and appearances coming up. I'll try to post a full list soon, but the most immanent events right now are the Baltimore Book Festival and the New York Comic Con.

I will be at the Baltimore Book Festival on Saturday the 29th (of September), speaking, and signing, at the Children's Book Stage. My talk begins at 2:30 and you can find all the information HERE. This is my second year at the BBF and I think it's a really great family-friendly event. It's all about books, but it has a lovely festival atmosphere with street food and tents and music and cobbled streets. Can't go wrong with those cobbled streets. Will I see you there?

New York Comic Con runs from the 11th to 14th of October and I'll make a separate post about that, since it's looking to be quite a busy weekend.

Here are the first few things I scanned today -two bits from my sketchbook, and an old red-chalk sketch I found in one of the cantinas before we left Gravagna: