Monday, September 17, 2012

Box o' Books

The girls and I are back, safe and sound, from across the Ocean. I miss Gravagna but it is beautiful here in September.

One year ago, at about this time, I turned in Legends of Zita. It was one of the best days in my recent memory. The book was a struggle to make and I was not always certain that it was any good, so when I turned it in I felt like a great weight had left my shoulders. It was a beautiful september day and Anna drove me in to Strasburg in the morning. I bought snacks at the dollar store (to share with my role playing group) and then I hiked back home along the railroad tracks and through pastures and woods.

Now, about a year later, my author copies show up on my doorstep in a big cardboard box, while I frantically work to finish the third book (I'm always a little frantic at the end).

If anyone is interested in a signed, doodled-in copy of the book, I am going to sell about 10 copies of the softcover, and 5 copies of the hardcover. Softcover is $15, and hardcover is $21. Proceeds from these sales will go directly into my "New Scanner Fund." Regular readers of this blog may remember that my last scanner blew up. If you would like one of these books just click here for the hardcover or click here for the paperback.

Oh, and since I mentioned Strasburg: this weekend I finally got to see, in person, the sign I designed for the excellent Cristina's Cafe!