Monday, March 12, 2012

Robot Comic #10

Hey guess what guys? It looks like spring is here in my neck o’ the woods. And nothing says “spring” like ROBOT COMICS:

(newspaper format here.)

You might notice some smearing in the first panel, particularly around the word “ping.” One of the things I’ve been trying to do with this little comics series is to "keep it real" by using as little photoshop as possible. In this age of photoshop and other digital drawing tools it’s very easy to make corrections, but there’s also a temptation to become a sloppy artist. If one panel turns out poorly you just think “I’ll fix it in photoshop.” I do this all the time. I’ve even found myself, while drawing in ink, making a stray line and thinking "undo." There's no undo command in real life.

So the comics in this series appear as scanned. I only use Photoshop to cut out and line up the panels vertically for blog posting.

One a more melancholy note, this weekend saw the passing of comics master Jean Giraud (Mobius). I admit that I’ve been only peripherally aware of his work, but even the little I’ve seen has cemented him in my mind as one of those artists that can transport you instantly to far flung worlds that are distant, alien and yet familiar and complete.

Here is a little write up by First Second’s Mark Siegel, and a short video where you can watch him draw.


Anita said...

Hooray for robot! As a bonus, he's not even allergic to spring, so he can fully enjoy it!

Connie Sun said...

Oh wow, thanks for the bonus philosophical treatise - "there's no undo in real life." Alas. So true.

As for Robot #10, I don't know where the water comes from, but I like that his hand has a built in nozzle. Robots are cool like that.

Ben Hatke said...

Where DOES the water come from? Maybe he collects it from ambient moisture in the air. I don't claim to know exactly how he works.

There's no "delete post" option in life either. Sadly.

Tim Canny said...

There's no "delete post" option in life either. Sadly.

That's why they invented the confessional. :]

Ben Hatke said...

Ha! Bravo Tim!!

Connie Sun said...

Why would you want to delete? I love that he has this power! :)