Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Drawings on the Tablecloth

Few people take as serious a view of life as one-year-olds.

I’m back from a two week long visit with my wonderful family in Indiana. In spite of the fact that we all got the flu, it was still a golden time. I caught up with old dear friends and discovered a great new activity: drawing on restaurant tablecloths! The paper ones, of course.

My best childhood friend, Denver, has a weekly gathering of friends and fun people at a downtown bistro. When multiple conversations are happening at once, pulling out the old micron pens seems only natural. Drawing comics and snippets of conversations is fun enough (I could do it all day) but drawing on such an obviously disposable surface makes it easy to keep the drawings quick and loose and lively. (a nice beer helps too).

Here’s a sort of recreation of a picture of Denver and me:

Of course if you want to see a real master sketching comics in a bistro, check out this little trailer for the documentary about Joann Sfar.