Monday, February 20, 2012

Robot Comic #8

(newspaper format here.)

Of all the Robot Comics so far this one is my personal favorite. Maybe you will agree.

I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has visited my Etsy Store lately! Making art and comics full-time is a challenge, especially in a full house, and your purchases go a long way toward helping me in producing these “extra” projects. The shop is pretty sparse at the moment, but I will be putting another batch of original-art-comics up in the shop in about two weeks.

Finally, here’s an interesting thing from the world of Zita the Spacegirl: this family made a Zita peg doll! I think it looks pretty great.


Anita said...

Oh, poor robot! This guy can't catch a break! I hope the final installment will leave him happily ever after!

anna said...

povero robottino! perché?

Anonymous said...

Poor thing- makes me want to give him a hug!

Connie Sun said...

Oh my, this one tugs at heart strings...nicely done. What this says to me is that adorable robot = GODZILLA in the right context ;)

I like the loose way you drew the city and colored it. Reminds me of sand castles!

Fr Matthew Green said...

Awww, poor little robot! Snif.
Great comic!

Natalia Toronchuk said...

Aww so sweet. Absolutely love your comics!

Ben Hatke said...

Thanks folks!

(Natalia, I like the book recommendations on your blog!)

I'm also feeling like maybe the robot should catch a break on of these days...

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