Monday, February 27, 2012

Robot Comic #9

(newspaper format here.)


Anonymous said...

Love to know what 'Morp Jonk' means!

Anonymous said...

Love to know what 'Morp Jonk' means!

anna said...

I too! : )

Sylvia Liu said...

I love this little robot dude. By the way, I just gave your blog a Liebster award. Check out my recent blog post for more information:

Ben Hatke said...

Hey wow, thanks Sylvia! I'll pass along the love. Your blog is great. Browncoats forever!

"Morp" and "jonk" (and other words) are robot talk. It's the "other" robot language. The main one is still binary. I don't really speak it myself so usually I'm not really sure what this guy is talking about. I wish I knew.

Connie Sun said...

ah! very empowering post :)

Fr Matthew Green said...

Hah! Made me guffaw out loud! (not to say LOL...)

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