Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Unfortunately I have to end this storyline here. I did go back to OWS after Comic Con, talked to a lot of people, got lost, ended up sandwiched between protesters and police and even saw a Wall Street Journal writer fall into a plastic storage tub. The writer was James Taranto, who wrote this article about his experience in the park. I was sad that he left out the part where he fell in the storage tub and I helped pull him out.

But unfortunately life happens faster than it can be recorded in comics form, and nearly a month later I find that this project is competing with my other (paying) projects to the point that I have to cut it short. But I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading!

Here are a couple closing clips:

Clip 1: “Change yourself”

Clip 2: “Make That Change” (warning: contains accordion sounds)