Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vile Richard!

This comic isn’t exactly true to life. I really am enjoying Bridget Jones’s Diary, but I’m not really hiding it behind a copy of Sword Warrior Magazine. Mostly because sweet, sweet SWM doesn't exist. But if there were such a thing as Sword Warrior Magazine, I’d totally for sure have a subscription. I’d fill out all the manly battle quizzes too.

I'm thinking about doing a journal comic about the humongous fines I racked up at the library, but some things are just more painful than funny. Also trying to get back into the swing of Journal comics. Hopefully this is the first of SEVERAL.


Stella said...

OMG I am the QUEEN of library fines. So bad, that for my birthdy, my friend Mike paid my fines instead of throwing a party. I love the library. SO much. I have return anxiety. :)

Ben Hatke said...

Me too. I was just thinking that if I DID do a comic about my library fines I'd black out the actual numbers like one of those government documents.

Arkonbey said...

Ooo. SWM...

Terry Pratchett had one of his characters reading "Bows and Ammo" and "Warriors of Fortune" magazines with articles like "Footsore: The latest in caltrops" and "We test the best sub $20 battle helmets"

I've gotten some good fines at the library. The worst part is the library is a half-mile from our house...

N said...

I left a comment... and it disappeared. Is it gone? Or if I write it again, will it duplicate?

N said...

Ok, it seems to be gone. My comment was just that fines run up that much faster (and higher) with a family of eight at a library that only issues one account per family - like ours. Urgh.

Ben Hatke said...

One account per family? Yikes. We always use the card that we think probably maybe has the least fines.

My old (wonderful) library in Lafayette just won't let you check any more out if you have too many overdue. No fines. It's awesome.

sdn said...

I have at least one librarian friend who claims that she became a librarian because she racked up too many fines and it made more sense just to work there.

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