Monday, July 11, 2011

What's This?

A SECOND blog post in the same morning? I wanted to post this guy before he went downstairs to be colored by the Hatke Girls. He's just a little background character from ZITA 2 and he's in all of maybe 3 panels. But he loses an arm and that arm plays a small but significant part in the story...


Tim said...

Very nice. Seems like he has more than enough arms that he can spare one for the story. In fact I'm thinking he should probably trade a few arms in for another pair of legs. I like the sound effects. Or are they language?

Arkonbey said...


Sorry. Just a reflex brought on by your mention of Zita 2.

(Funny note: my two favorite GNs of the year are almost polar opposites: Zita and Shadoweyes in Love by Ross Campbell)

j'aime o'gorman said...

"jonk" is pretty much the best ever.

Shaylynn said...

ZITA 2! Eeeep!

I actually just read Zita.... :) I loved it! I wrote about it on my blog:

Yeah, so I wrote about more than just Zita, kind of went off on some tangents there. :P

Ben Hatke said...

Ah, Jaime. I can count on you to appreciate words like "jonk."

Yes Huzzah! I am coloring Zita 2! Coloring is a humongous job, but unlike the story writing part you rarely have to tear it apart and redo it. At least I don't. I do a LOT of redrafting and redrawing finished pages even. But coloring I seem to do right the first time.

Also I noticed that in the final version the little Jonk robot doesn't have legs. Yep, he's a floater.

Shaylynn! Thanks for chiming in. And THANK YOU for reviewing Zita! Tangents and all.

Arkonbey ...I think I better read this Shadoweyes in Love.

Kimberlee said...

Just have to tell you that 'morp morp jonk jonk' is now a popular exclamation in my house amongst everyone from my husband down to the five year old. Not that anyone can tell me what they mean by it...

Kimberlee said...

Ya, they have Zita-fever bad now. They are drawing lots of 'fan art' - my five year old's Zita is pretty cute! (Josiah posted some of it over on his blog)

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