Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Natural World (Is it Gross?)

While I was away last weekend my daughter, Angelica, found a duck skull in the muck near a pond. I called home several times during my trip and every time I got updates and reiterations from Angelica about how incredibly awesome this duck skull was. I could tell it was a Big Deal.

So when I got back home we took a little time to make drawings of the skull and talk about the things we could learn about ducks from looking at it. We looked at some of Leonardo DaVinci’s notebooks and the anatomical sketches he did. DaVinci is a great example of how beautiful cataloguing and journaling can be.

ALA, as I mentioned, was a bit of a whirlwind. The best part, though, was getting to hang out a bit with other artists. On the last day I was able to move my table so that I was happily sandwiched between some of my favorite folk. I had Dave and Raina on one side and Ryan Sias on the other. Meeting Ryan, a fellow Flight artist, was excellent because we had emailed and message-boarded before but never met in person. He’s doing some fine picture books. Also nearby was Dern, who is responsible for this cool “Bigger on the Inside Timeline” poster.

And now it’s busy time here in my little studio room. Summer hours slip by as I hunch over the drawing board trying to meet deadlines. But there is still time for quick visits to the creek and we’ve discovered the wonder of grilling vegetables. Viva Summer!