Thursday, May 12, 2011

Those Yellowy Bits

In the comments Gaelen asks:

"How do you do the yellowy bits in your sketchbook drawings? Marker? Watercolour?"

Well Gaelen, I've mentioned this post before, from the awesome art blog Lines and Colors, but it's worth reposting as it highlights a great set of sketching tools. The post is called My Pocket Rembrandt. Check it out!


Gaelen Mibeck said...

Thanks muchly! :)

Mary said...

I am new to your site, and I was wondering the same thing. I've seen these "yellow bits" in art work old and new, and I love the rougher tarnished look of it. Thanks for posting the link again! Very useful.

Gaelen Mibeck said...

It appears my previous comment was erased. Anyways, thanks muchly!

Ben Hatke said...

Glad to be of help, friends. "process posts" are always interesting.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

OK so I'm thinking to myself how cool Zita the Spacegirl would be as a movie, and I'm thinking what would be the best way to do it. And then I wonder how would Ben imagine it?! What would you do, traditional animation? CGI? Live action?

Live action would probably be my least favorite and I think if I'm not mistaken, you're quite fond of traditional animation. Any way would just be cool.

The book was an awesome piece of work, man! "One" (the character) was my favorite… or "One" of my favorites I should say. I noticed Three in the sketches below.

Ben Hatke said...

Hey Anthony, I hope you don't mind that I answered your question in a blog post! Were you surprised by my answer? Much as I would love seeing a traditionally animated version by one of the great ones like Ghibli, I still think puppets and traditional effects would be just amazingly fun.

And computer animation? I love pixar for the great stories they tell but even now the animation has yet to impress me. WALL.E was close to perfect, but once the human characters were shown

Anthony, you really loved Tangled -and it looks like I ought to check it out. It seems almost to be a blend -computer animation in the style of traditional hand drawn...

Anthony VanArsdale said...

You should check out Tangled. It still is very much computer generated but the story was quite good, and there were some great artistic/dramatic scenes.

Also every time my younger brothers would see the adventurous Flynn Rider they would insist it was Ben Hatke. Not from the standpoint of him being a thief, but I think they imagine you as some sort of Robin Hood or Renaissance super hero. You must be doing something right on your blog.

Ben Hatke said...

Ha! All the more reason to watch it! And I do have an affinity for thieves, rapscallions and ne'r do wells.

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