Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silver Screen Dreams

So in the comments super-artist Anthony Van Arsdale asked how I would imagine Zita the Spacegirl as a film. I can’t possibly pretend that I haven’t thought about it (yes quite a bit). I’ve thought about the music (which is a particular bit that you can’t do in comics) and the character design and which parts might be expanded. I’ve also thought about how I would splurge on popcorn and snacks on opening night! I’d definitely get a couple boxes of Dots even though they stick to your teeth somethin’ horrible.

Sigh... maybe someday...

Anyway, the honest answer is that my first choice would actually be live action! A dream come true would be to see the
Jim Henson Creature Shop bring the world of Zita the Spacegirl to life. I love traditional effects and I love, love, LOVE puppetry! It would be so cool to see Piper’s ship built as a set. For now it’s all just a dream, but somehow, someday maybe I’ll be able to tour the Creature Shop with my girls. Talk about a homeschooling adventure!

I guess animation would be my second choice and computer animation would be a very distant third.

I have SIX copies of
Tales from the Bohemian Highway left over from my recent travels. I am putting them up for sale online (click here or on the link on the sidebar).

They are $16 and each copy comes with an original SKETCH on the title page.

Also I recently created a logo for our
lovely midwives. Take a look:

And if you visit the
Ten Moons Midwifery page you might even find a picture of Anna.

Happy Tuesday.