Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silver Screen Dreams

So in the comments super-artist Anthony Van Arsdale asked how I would imagine Zita the Spacegirl as a film. I can’t possibly pretend that I haven’t thought about it (yes quite a bit). I’ve thought about the music (which is a particular bit that you can’t do in comics) and the character design and which parts might be expanded. I’ve also thought about how I would splurge on popcorn and snacks on opening night! I’d definitely get a couple boxes of Dots even though they stick to your teeth somethin’ horrible.

Sigh... maybe someday...

Anyway, the honest answer is that my first choice would actually be live action! A dream come true would be to see the
Jim Henson Creature Shop bring the world of Zita the Spacegirl to life. I love traditional effects and I love, love, LOVE puppetry! It would be so cool to see Piper’s ship built as a set. For now it’s all just a dream, but somehow, someday maybe I’ll be able to tour the Creature Shop with my girls. Talk about a homeschooling adventure!

I guess animation would be my second choice and computer animation would be a very distant third.

I have SIX copies of
Tales from the Bohemian Highway left over from my recent travels. I am putting them up for sale online (click here or on the link on the sidebar).

They are $16 and each copy comes with an original SKETCH on the title page.

Also I recently created a logo for our
lovely midwives. Take a look:

And if you visit the
Ten Moons Midwifery page you might even find a picture of Anna.

Happy Tuesday.


Aimee Fairman said...

Thanks again, Ben, for sharing your talent! We couldn't be happier with your beautiful design.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

You know I didn't even think about puppets! That would work superbly! my reason for not favoring live action before was that I kept imagining a repeat of the last three Star Wars movies (live action with cgi characters)

Gaelen Mibeck said...

What about stop-action animation?

Ben Hatke said...

Oh, yeah, CGI creatures still don't mesh very well with real people. But puppets, man, PUPPETS!

Hey Gaelen -stop motion is definitely cool. One of the things on my to-do-with-the-girls list is making a short stop motion film. This would be in about 6 or 7 years or so when at least Zita and Angelica are teens. A Zita the Spacegirl short would be great.

Kathryn said...

As I read your post regarding the 'silver screen' we have The Muppet Show playing in the background (I kid you not) and my soon to be 19 year old is nodding and saying 'that would be so cool' - so we vote YES, I hope it happens!

Ben Hatke said...

Ha! Anyone with the muppet show playing at their house while they read my blog is pretty cool in my book.

Arkonbey said...

I think a Henson Creature Shop-helmed TV series of Zita!

The only way it should be non-live action is if Mizasaki San directed it himself.

Ben Hatke said...

Did you watch Farscape? That was a sci fi TV series done by the creature shop.

Arkonbey said...

@Ben: LOVED Farscape for the first two seasons! It was easily the most beautiful and amazing show of any genre ever put on TV. Pilot was especially astounding. I think Pilot was the apex of the puppeteer's art.

The early subtleties from food and smells to cultural differences were also nicely handled.

After season two, though, I got fed up with the never-ending "She's a Peacekeeper, we can't trust her!"/"She selflessly saved all our lives, we trust her!"/"She's a Peacekeeper, we can't trust her!" routine.

I'm pretty demanding of my sci-fi but, I would go well out of my way watch a Hatke-penned Henson creature-populated Zita show or film.

Ben Hatke said...

I felt the same way about Farscape! After Season 2 I kept wanting to like it but the story seemed to circle rather than going anywhere new or surprising. Still there was a lot of good stuff going on -most especially in the design dept.

Daniel Nichols said...

No Ben, really. The only way I can see Zita as a film would be traditional animation, done by you. So much would be lost by any other method!

Ben Hatke said...

thanks for the vote of confidence, Daniel! What a huge and daunting project that would be. Still, it would be exciting to head a project like that, like as lead designer or something -and work with a team of animators and artists.

One thing I don't get to do very often is work with other artists. :-(

The Diatribest said...

I love the design for the Midwifery page!

Ben Hatke said...

Yeah, they did a nice job. Thanks for popping by, CP!

Phyllis Moore said...

I really like your drawings. My dream is to be able to afford someone like you to illustrate my blog.
Looking forward to see more drawing. O.K. If I add your link to my site?

Ben Hatke said...

Aw, thanks Phyllis! Always okay to link to my ol' blog!

...and I'll check out yours in the meantime!