Friday, January 14, 2011

We Feel Like That Sometimes

So, so busy! And in the midst of the chaos I decided to sketch out this little picture because sometimes this is how I feel:

(click for a more readable size)

And yes, 8 month into a pregnancy and Anna can still totally high-kick sky trolls.

...oh, and here's a little something: did you know they are rebooting the spiderman movies? There's a picture of the new spiderman suit over at Project Rooftop. Go have a look, it's GREAT! And it looks like we're back to mechanical webshooters, which means something to this geek.


Tim said...

I like the girls bailing out the hold. You don't want all that extra money sinking the ship! :]

Anthony VanArsdale said...

this is great, and you've got a chicken on the figurehead! hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Awwh - poor Ben. Great drawing! Will pray that you steer it through another day :)Philippians 4:6-7

Anonymous said...

PS Ben - Does Anna have any connection to Mrs. Incredible from the Incredibles? Quote:

"We're dead, we'll be killed ..."
"We're not gonna die!"

Ben Hatke said...

Anna has a lot in common with Elastigirl. Different powers, but very similar attitude.

Glad you liked the chicken Anthony! Your recent painting is awesome!

Christina said...

I love the chicken figurehead. It's great. And the two bailing out the money are just darling.

Does "mean something" (in the case of mechanical webshooters) mean good or bad?

kingcoyote said...

Man, been thinking about this for a week now... Great drawing, and it so accurately reflects what I think a lot of us are feeling these days.

Anonymous said...

Ciao Ben!
What a wonderful surprise for me, to find your book in my mail drop!!!
Few days ago I was speaking with Lina and we thougth how can I buy your comic...You can picture my face when I saw it!
So, now I have my personal copy with the author's inscription! Lucky girl!
I find the skatches new, creative, original and also the tale is very cool! Well done, Ben!
I always read comics on your blog, it's so funny...but...I miss you all!
How about Anna's pregnancy? When is your baby due?
Do you thik you can coming in summer?
Grazie Ben! A presto!
(Forgive my English...)

Ben Hatke said...


So glad you enjoyed the book! Please send me an email:

I will give you all the news.