Friday, December 3, 2010

Gotta Have Faith

Hey guys! If all goes according to plan the Hatke Family Adventure books will be sent out TOMORROW and I have to say that the little 3X3 watercolors all turned out really well. It’s all turtles and wizards and hearts and stars and a few other random creatures. Here’s a picture:

So I’m going to get back to packing up these books now. In the meantime I want to draw (heh heh) your attention to the work of Faith Erin Hicks. Faith is a lovely Canadian comics artist who I got to meet at First Second this year. I am really enjoying her new webcomic, The Adventures of Superhero Girl. I've always been a fan of The Tick's mundane sidekick, Arthur, so the humor in Superhero Girl is totally my cup of tea.

Oh, and I actually have 2 more copies of Tales from the Bohemian Highway! I may do another batch of these special editions someday but for now this is it!


Faith Erin Hicks said...

Thanks so much, Ben! I had a great time meeting you in NY too, especially that time where we couldn't figure out the subway card swiping thing... XD

SamG said...

Cool...I can't wait to see ours!!

Ryan remains most impressed with you ;)

Tammie said...

this is a wonderful collection of art, quite charming.

Ben Hatke said...

Ah the subway card misadventure. See, if you were a superhero trying to stop a giant robot downtown you'd just miss the whole battle.

Sam your book is in the mail! It should show up this week.

Adn thanks Tammie!

anna Formaggio said...

ciao Ben! che bella idea!
aspetto la mia copia
Buon Avvento a tutta la famiglia

kingcoyote said...

Got my copy of the book today. It's just wonderful! I read the first couple of stories to my daughter at nap time, and she thought so too.


Ben Hatke said...

Hooray! So glad you liked it!