Monday, September 13, 2010

SPX: Retrospective

So I did go to the Small Press Expo on Saturday, but only for a handful of hours. On Saturday morning we woke up to find the power was out and, what with one thing and another, I ended up more and more behind schedule as the day wore on. The best thing, though was that this year I brought with me a budding comics artist named Angelica Rose and what an adventure we had together!

Comics conventions are the closest thing I have to “bring your daughter to work day.”

On the way out of town we stopped by Staples and printed up about ten copies of Angelica’s very own minicomic “Chicken Adventures.”

At the convention we put a little sign on her backpack that said “ask me about Chicken Comics.” Angelica was out of comics in about 20 minutes. She was a tireless promoter of Chicken Comics. And I learned a valuable lesson: always print more comics than you think you'll need.

Otherwise the day was a flurry of too-brief reunions with writers and artists that I only see at these events, and some great book trading. Angelica and I ended the evening in DCs Chinatown watching amazing street musicians and eating at my all time favorite place for dumplings.

A little art for monday: Last week I drew and painted a healthy pile of Zita the Spacegirl gift art for the good people who will be bringing the book to bookstores. Here's what the pile looked like on my desk before cutting:

And here are a couple of my favorites: