Friday, September 17, 2010

D&D Jailbird Blues Part Sixteen: Crook Look

My little trip to jail is drawing to a close.

However annoying, this misadventure of mine was definitely an instance of lawful imprisonment. Wrongheaded and avoidable, but lawful. There was a crime committed, and there was a warrant issued. The problem was that, for whatever reason, the police ended up coming after one of the victims instead of the actual perpetrator.

But unlawful imprisonment happens too, and if you’re up for some scary stories about that then I refer you to last weeks episode of This American Life, particularly to the second story in that episode in which a New York Beat cop records his superiors giving some very scary (and illegal) orders.

However, if you find yourself interested in something a little more tame this friday, then you should check out Michael Pollan’s fascinating documentary The Botany of Desire, which examines four different plants and how they have “used” humans to spread their domain far and wide.

Finally, check out Chris Mautner’s SPX report! A certain father and daughter comics team are mentioned (and pictured!) at the end.

Happy weekend my friends!